Welcome to Karen's 50th Welsh singers' Page
this is the page for the 2nd CD
(burned Monday 5th February)

First of all, just the third of the three almost identical instrumental recordings of the Welsh National Anthem,
played by the National Youth Orchestra of Wales, and recorded on to cassette tape in the 1970s.

This was transposed electronically using digital techniques, down two semitones. There being no adverse
comments, I settled for this one. Duration 1min 20secs.

[SND] CD2 Track 1 Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau  (digitally lowered two semitones, 1.2M )

Here are three singalong tracks for the three songs we settled on.
The arrangement for "Sosban Fach" is how I would like to see us doing it, with three lots of "ooooos", very
similar, maybe slightly slower because of being a foreign language to many of us. This is by Treorchy.

Myfannwy straight, like the recording, as sung by Morriston Orpheus, except that between the two verses
in Welsh, we are attempting Arthur's suggested English words. Details on the (2nd)words page, link below.

Ar hyd y nos (All through the Night) will be sung through twice, English first verse, followed by the Welsh
first verse. The recording is in English both verses, unfortunately. I could only find solo song tracks that
presented the Welsh words.This is also by Treorchy.

Penblwydd hapus i chwi (Happy birthday to you, in Welsh). Suggested by Ian Sauders, words also on the
(2nd) words page. We don't have any music, but the song is the same tune as the English.

We'll hold "We'll Keep a Welcome" as an "encore". This is sung by Morriston again.
There is a second track of this, digitally engineered down 2 semitones, without any change in either speed or tempo.
As we don't seem to have real tenor voices, it would be easier on our wellbeing to sing it in a lower register :)

[SND] CD2 Track 2 Sosban Fach) (Treorchy MVC, 2.9M )
[SND] CD2 Track 3 Myfannwy (Morriston MVC, 2.2M )
This Myfannwy replaces the original, but isn't on the original CD.
[SND] CD2 Track 4 Ar Hyd y Nos  (Treorchy MVC, sung in English, 2.3M )
[SND] CD2 Track 5 We'll keep a Welcome (Morriston MVC, sung in English, 2.1M )
[SND] CD2 Track 6 We'll keep a Welcome (Morriston MVC, sung in English, down 2 semitones 2.1M )

[PDF] Welsh_Words (Portable Document File, 121k} A revised doc file made from the old text file

[TXT] Welsh_Words (Original Text file, 6k) A doc file has now replaced this

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Updated 6th February 2007 1229


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