Welcome to Karen's 50th Welsh singers' Page

Thank-you to each of you who was involved, in alphabetical order of Christian names...

Arthur, Ian, Ian, Neil, Peter, Scott and Tony

No doubt everybody saw the many cameras filming during the night. I could feel one on the back of my neck <grin>
There has been a threat by one of the people with cameras to put us up on "You-Tube" (www.youtube.com)
- maybe under a heading of Welsh + Henley (the venue) or whatever. It might pay to keep an eye open!

Any links will be put up here, and if I find anything worth downloading I'll post it with a link here too,
because my connection will likely give faster download than somewhere like myplace.com

The feedback seemed really positive from everyone, particularly from my two "in-law" relatives who are acknowledged as fine appreciators of the arts; it was great to be able to positively contribute to others' enjoyment.


Cor Meibion Henley

Links will go here
mp3s of songs - DVDs of songs - photos

Our rehearsal CDs and sound files...

[SND] CD number 1 (click here)

[SND] CD number 2 (click here)

[PDF] The Final Welsh_Words (Portable Document File, 1.1Mb} (This has the graphic in it as well)

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